0 Duck Gaming Community

Goals :
• Create a healthy social environment where people can talk freely and have a good time

• Create a raid driven environment where people are motivated and are ready to succeed

• Create a learning environment where Mentors can easily mentor players and help them out in becoming better at their job or the game in general

• To facilitate “Fun” and “Progression” amongst all of the members of 0Duck

Membership Expectation
Rank: FC Masters : Saerys and Lavieh only. Ensure that all of the goals are met. Manage the Leaders and Mentors and ensure that the good of the whole FC is the main concern rather than the good of an individual.

Rank : Leaders : These players are not expected to be exceptional at the game. They are expected to be great people with a general altruistic feel. They should be able to facilitate the casual players and the mentors and ensure the betterment of the whole FC. They should be able to facilitate chat to ensure that it is kept appropriate. Also should be able to help organize events. Should be a natural leader.

Rank : Mentors : Expected to be an expert in one area or another in the game. Preferably an expert in their specific class. They should have exemplary raid experience and should be able to assist the raid groups as a stand-in to mentor them in completing coil. Should be very altruistic but a little selfishness is ok. No one will expect them to sacrifice their raid experience for the sake of another. Should mentor players regularly and be extremely encouraging rather than condescending.

Rank : Raid Leaders : Leaders of the Raid Groups. Streaming is a plus. Must be able to call out things in fights and keep a level head. Must also be very apt and open to strategies suggested by the Mentors.

Rank : Raiders : Players must be apt and ready to learn and absorb information. Must also be able to play nicely with others. No requirement on skill level but if lack of aptitude is noted then decisions will be made on membership. Must be okay with being demoted to casual play if they are unable to adapt to raid fights and succeed. The progress of 7 is more important than the progress of 1.

Rank: Crafters : Players who live to craft in this game. This FC will be an opportunity for them to make money regularly as well as fund their endeavors. Crafters are expected to give back to the community but making consumables or gear for raiders isn’t expected to be free.

Rank : Casual : No real requirements, just expectations. Don’t be rude nor should you openly offend members of the FC. While Casuals will be helped and mentored do note that Raiders will always have precedence when it comes to assistance. Hopefully with enough Mentors and leaders the Casuals will be able to accomplish everything they want.

Rank : New Recruit : On trial basis.

Mission Statement : The purpose of the 0Duck Gaming community is to encourage players to be better than what they think they are. Through mentoring and leadership we aim to help people progress in the game and obtain their goals. We also aim to create a social environment where people can also enjoy the company of others and also be able to enjoy events.

The Process:
Lavieh and Saerys will oversee everything. They will ensure that the goals and ideals of the FC are being upheld while also mentoring, assisting and organizing events themselves. Altruism is top priority for them both. When new content is released their priority will still be their Raid group and at times they may be unresponsive when grinding out new content but their goals will still remain the same.

Leaders will be there to take care of the things that the Sevalds are unable to take care of. They will ensure that the FC chat is always about quality stuff. They will also ensure that the mentors are assisting other players when need be. They will have the ability to kick Casuals if they do not meet the FC chat guidelines but they won’t be able to kick any other members without Sae/Lavi’s approval.

Mentors won’t have any leadership aspects to take care of, they will just simply mentor people on how to play their classes and how to perform in raids or other content. If need be it would be ideal for them to stand in and get a feel for how players are doing in content or watch streams.

Raid Leaders must be able to facilitate the scheduling of their Raid group. They must also be able to solidify a strategy for their raid group and must be very vocal and level-headed. Their goal shouldn’t be their own progression but their group’s progression. They will also be facilitating how drops are distributed among raid members.

Raiders will be a part of a 0Duck raid and must be apt and ready to play. They will have mentors available to them at all times. As normal attendance and good behavior are expected.

Crafters will help assist in making gear and consumables for the raid. They will be making money through the raid group and will also have the FC storage at their disposal for mats and can even request a stipend of money from the FC bank to fund their endeavors it is just expected that they eventually put that money back into the FC. WE WILL SUPPORT OUR CRAFTERS IF THEY SUPPORT US. Crafters are a very vital part of any community. Altruism is expected but offering your services for free is not. You better be charging players if they ask for things to be made with no Mats, just don’t charge them MB prices – You can come up wi.th your own discounted FC rate.

Casuals can become Raiders if they have the drive or desire to but they can also be a part of the social experience. They are just as important as any other member as the control how the 0Duck community will evolve.

New Recruits will be brought in on a trial basis to see how they perform or act. After the trial period of 30 days they will be assigned to their correct role.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.